Timber Festival Derby

Timber Festival Derby

 "Timber invites you to stand up and be counted as we rethink our relationship with trees and forests...Activists and makers will invite you to join them in a joyous celebration of nature." (Timber Festival 2023). 

As one of Charnwood's Associate Artists, I created a ceramic installation and delivered a series of workshops at the magical Timber Festival. 

Working closely with Dr. Jack (the Geoheritage Conservation and Interpretation Officer for the Charnwood Forest Geopark), we created a ceramic installation which captures the geological history of Charnwood Forest. With the marco and micro structures either side of the ceramic sculpture, the installation captures the structures of each rock layer, from the youngest glacial pebble, to the oldest Ediacrean Sediment.

The workshops which I delivered over the course of the weekend focused on creating patterns in clay with found objects to capture the essence of the forrest! 


Photographs by David Wilson Clarke




A Charnwood Arts and Charnwood Forest Geopark Partnership Project - 'Celebrating Charnwood'

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